Tesla's Charge on Solar: EV Charging with Clean Energy


Tesla has introduced the innovative ‘Charge on Solar’ program. This initiative is set to revolutionise how we charge Tesla vehicles with a powerwall, harnessing the sun’s power to propel us into a greener, cleaner future.

The program leverages solar energy captured by strategically placed solar panels. These panels generate clean, renewable energy stored and used to charge Tesla vehicles. This approach reduces reliance on traditional power grids and minimises the carbon footprint associated with EV charging.

It should be noted this function only works with a Powerwall and will only charge a Tesla vehicle.

The feature has now officially launched, and it is available to anyone who has solar and the following Tesla hardware and software:

Hardware Software
Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y 2023.32 or Higher
Powerwall with solar on-site 23.12.10 or Higher
Tesla App 4.30.5 or Higher

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Charge limit of Solar

Charger your tesla vehicle with solar

Given the variable nature of solar power and home loads, adjusting the lower charge limit allows you to tailor your charging preferences. If you ever need to expedite the charging process, a simple increase in the lower charge limit will accommodate your desired range.

Solar charging-icon-slider

For optimal solar charging and extended range, make it a habit to plug in your vehicle during the daytime when you’re at home.

Set the Solar Sun slider at a level that guarantees sufficient range for your daily driving needs, even if there isn’t ample excess solar energy to surpass this limit. This way, you maximise your solar charging potential and ensure your vehicle is always ready for your daily journeys.

Using Scheduled Charging with Charge on Solar

Scheduled Charging empowers you to charge your vehicle’s battery exclusively with excess solar energy until a designated time. After reaching the specified time, your vehicle seamlessly transitions to accepting charging from any available source up to your lower charging limit.

Leveraging Charge on Solar and Scheduled Charging is advantageous for those with a time-of-use rate plan.

This dual approach allows your Tesla vehicle to harness excess solar energy during the day and smartly switch to grid charging at night, capitalizing on lower energy costs.

Which Countries Have Access to ‘Charge on Solar?

It is only accessible to customers with a Powerwall and a Tesla vehicle in the following countries – the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

Which Powerwall Mode to Use With Charge in Solar?

The integration of Solar Charging with Powerwall modes ensures seamless operation in various scenarios:

Storm Watch:

Powerwall prioritises charging from any available source during severe weather events to prepare for potential outages. Excess solar power is allocated for vehicle charging after ensuring power availability for essential needs.

Backup Reserve:

If Powerwall’s stored energy falls below the Backup Reserve, it prioritises charging to the set Backup Reserve percentage before allocating excess solar power for vehicle charging.


In Self-Powered mode, Powerwall facilitates charging your Tesla vehicle on excess solar until the designated charge limit. It also manages fluctuations in home loads and solar production until the vehicle adjusts its charging power. After the vehicle reaches its charging limit, Powerwall resumes charging on excess solar, maximising the effectiveness of Solar Charging.

Time-Based Control:

Utilising Time-Based Control, Powerwall stores energy during low energy costs and may sell that energy back to the grid during higher-cost periods instead of using excess solar energy for charging. This behaviour may also occur during Virtual Power Plant or Utility Program events, optimising overall savings and grid interaction.

Go Off-Grid:

When Powerwall operates off-grid, your Tesla vehicle continues charging on excess solar unless Powerwall prioritises saving energy for home use during an outage.

With Charge on Solar, your Tesla vehicle can charge using only excess solar energy produced by your solar system. Using excess energy to charge your electric vehicle maximises the value of your home’s solar system. Use the Tesla app to set the Solar limits and charge your vehicle using extra solar energy.

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