Why Solar PV System by Wing Energy?

Why Solar PV System by Wing Energy

Considering a Solar PV system for your home or business? Embracing renewable energy is a wise move, and Wing Energy offers future-proof solutions in the UK Solar PV market.

In this blog, we will explore why our Solar PV system, featuring high-performance Solar Panels and microinverters, MCS certification and solar trim edging, is your ideal choice for a sustainable future.

High-Performance Solar Panels

Wing Energy is committed to excellence, and we exclusively use high-performing Solar PV Panels, particularly the Mono-Facial All Black, utilizing advanced N-Type technology. This technology outshines traditional P-Type panels in multiple ways:

Higher Lifetime Power Yield

Our panels experience only a 1% degradation in the first year, followed by a minimal 0.4% linear degradation. This ensures long-term efficiency for your Solar PV system.

Low-Light Performance

The panels we use for the installation excel in low-light conditions, guaranteeing consistent energy production even on cloudy days.

Exceptional Warranty

We provide an incredible product warranty lasting 25 years, coupled with a 30-year linear power warranty. These robust warranties secure your investment.

Microinverters for Outstanding Performance

When it comes to inverters, we prefer microinverters over string inverters due to compelling reasons.

Optimized Panel Performance

Microinverters enable each solar panel to operate at its maximum capacity, unlike string inverters, where the lowest-performing panel limits the entire system’s output.

Increased Energy Production

On average, microinverters provide a 5-15% boost in energy production compared to string inverters, resulting in more electricity from your Solar PV system.

Efficient Monitoring

Microinverters facilitate panel-by-panel monitoring, simplifying issue identification and significantly decreasing the necessity for physical on-roof inspections, leading to more efficient and reliable solar systems.

Enhanced Safety

Microinverters facilitate DC to AC conversion at the panel level, maintaining low-voltage DC on your roof. String inverters combine high-voltage DC, increasing the risk of electrical fire.

25-years Warranty

Our microinverters come with a 25-year warranty, offering peace of mind. They’re future-proof with an impressive 99.95% reliability rate, the highest in the market. 

Excellent ROI

The lifetime cost of energy production from a micro-inverter system is two to three times more cost-effective compared to a string inverter system.

Solar Trim Edging for Added Benefits

For enhanced aesthetics and functionality, we incorporate Solar Trim edging, offering several advantages:

Bird Protection

Solar Trim acts as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of bird-related damage to your system, and leading to lower maintenance costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Solar Trim enhances the overall look of your Solar PV array, contributing to the aesthetics of your property.

MCS Certification for Quality Assurance

At Wing Energy, we prioritize quality, and our Solar PV Arrays are MCS certified, demonstrating our commitment to installations designed and commissioned to the highest industry standards.

Compliance with RECC Standards

We strictly adhere to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) to ensure your satisfaction and security. RECC sets stringent consumer protection standards for businesses involved in selling or leasing renewable energy generation systems to domestic consumers.


When it comes to choosing a Solar PV system for your home or business in the UK, Wing Energy provides a future-proof solution that encompasses high-performance Solar Panels, efficient Microinverters, MCS certification, and the added benefits of Solar Trim edging. 

Our commitment to excellence, 25 years of long-term warranties, and adherence to industry standards make us the ideal choice for a sustainable and reliable source of clean energy. 

As we continue championing the transition to sustainable electrical energy, Wing Energy is your trusted partner on this journey toward a greener future. You can read our blog for the latest news and services on Solar PV, EV Chargers, and Battery Storage Solutions

Contact us today and be part of the sustainable energy revolution.

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